Invest Management

The 4A Quant Limited Partnership Fund believes that effective corporate governance can enhance the company and clients’ overall value. Protecting all stakeholders’ interests is one of the company’s key objectives. Our founders have extensive experience in the financial services industry.

The chairman’s Remarks

The 4A Quant Limited Partnership Fund is one of the first organisations to license a new limited partnership fund in Hong Kong. We are committed to maintaining the highest corporate and investment governance standards by providing our clients with high-quality investment services and products. With rich experience in the financial services industry, our team brings together many years of accumulated buying and selling logic and understanding of market deployment. We use powerful cloud technology, computer algorithms and advanced financial engineering theories to achieve asset growth for investors in a relatively low-risk approach.

At the same time, our investments cover global stock markets and multi-asset investments. With our unique optimisation calculation system, we create a high-precision, stable and systematic analysis, improve the most effective risk management coverage, accurately anticipate market changes, and create market-leading investment returns. With our well-established operating team and our current investment management, we believe that we have the potential to achieve even higher business growth.

Hermann Lui 

Founder, 4A Quant Limited Partnership Fund